Postnups and at-home parents

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Whether you and your spouse in New Jersey have been married for many years or are newly married, you may end up making different decisions about raising children than what you originally planned. It is not uncommon for people to assume that both parents will continue to work after they have kids but to later on choose for one parent to stay home with the children. If you are the parent who is going to give up your career, you may want to consider creating a postnuptial agreement.

As explained by Today, leaving the workforce even for just a few years can make it much harder to get back in the job market at a comparable salary should you desire later on. If you remain married to your spouse that may not be as much of a concern. However, if you get divorced, your need to earn more money could take on a new level of importance. A postnuptial agreement can provide valuable protection for you when you decide to leave a career for your family.

It is important that your marital contracted be legally valid and well documented. You may also want to evaluate and identify the financial value of your choice that not only includes any salary but benefits and child care costs associated with raising your kids.

If you would like to learn more about the different types of marital contracts and how they may benefit you and your family, please feel free to visit the prenuptial and postnuptial agreement page of our New Jersey family law website.

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