Visitation options for New Jersey parents

Visitation can be a complicated part of establishing a child custody and parenting plan pursuant to a New Jersey divorce. When a parent is unable to serve as a physical custodian of their child, they may agree to or have awarded to them visitation rights that provide them with opportunities to spend time with their kids. However, visitation rights come with terms that parents must follow in order to protect their access to their children.

For example, some visitation plans may allow a noncustodial parent to have reasonable visitation, which allows the noncustodial parent to spend as much time as is reasonable with their kids. When a noncustodial parent offers a safe and supportive environment for their children, this option may be possible. Parents can also agree to a schedule for visitation time for the children to be with their noncustodial parent.

However, when a noncustodial parent may pose a threat to their children, they may not be permitted discretionary, unsupervised time. In these situations, noncustodial parents may be granted supervised visitation time with their kids, and visitation is completed in the presence of a neutral third party. This is done to protect the safety of the children.

When distance separates a parent from their children, a court may entertain virtual options to help them stay connected. Virtual visitation involves the use of smart technology, video calls, texting, email, and other electronic interfaces to help families bridge the gap that living apart creates. Like all custody and visitation matters, virtual visitation is an option that readers can discuss with their family law attorneys.

Visitation can have very different outcomes based on the needs of children and the capacity of parents to provide for them. Readers should not rely on this post as legal a guidance. Help with custody and visitation matters should be sought from knowledgeable legal advisors.