When might supervised parenting time be required? 

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Custody disputes tend to arise during divorce proceedings. They can also occur when a biological parent has only just become aware that they have a child. Whatever the source of a custody dispute is, the family court will always prioritize the best interests of the child. 

When parents are amicable, they can settle on a custody arrangement that suits them both, as long as it has the court’s approval. If the court steps in to rule on custody matters, then it has a number of options at its disposal. 

Something that the court may decide is best for the children is supervised parenting time. What does this consist of and when might it be necessary? 

A controlled environment 

Supervised parenting time often takes place in parenting time facilities. Here, the parent and child can continue to meet in a safe environment where a responsible third party can step in if the visit becomes too much for the parent or child. There are also occasions when these visits might take place in the family home. What’s important is that the child is always safe and someone can step in if needed. 

When is supervised parenting time necessary? 

Supervised parenting time can be useful when a parent has only just found out that they have a child. So far, the child will have grown up without them and it can take some time to adjust to the new dynamic. This type of parenting time allows both parent and child to develop a bond at their own pace. 

Supervised visits may also be called for if there is any potential risk to the safety of the child. For instance, if there is a history of domestic violence between parents, or drug and alcohol abuse. The family court has the discretion to make supervised parenting time a temporary or indefinite measure. 

If you’re going through a divorce or worried about the current custody arrangement, seeking some legal guidance can help to ease your mind.

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