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Divorce is a time to surround yourself with professional advisers

Ending marriages in New Jersey has come to be part of the lives of many, and for that reason, there is never a shortage of unqualified advisers. Each divorce has unique circumstances, and what applied to one person may not apply to his or her friend who is going through a divorce. Although the moral support of friends and family during this time is crucial, it is a good idea to utilize the skills of professionals with legal and related aspects.

Sometimes, mixing money and romance ends in divorce

Although money might be the furthest thing from the minds of two people in love, it is a subject for discussion if the relationship is serious. Many marriages in New Jersey and across the country have ended in divorce over financial disagreements. Relationship advisers recommend open and honest discussions about spending, saving, investing, debts and financial independence before saying, "I do."

Divorce: Social media addiction as powerful as alcohol or drugs

When does social media start to threaten a marriage? In most cases in which one spouse becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, the threat becomes real when the source of the addiction becomes that person's primary focus. Social media has developed into a similar risk. Many marriages in New Jersey have ended in divorce because one spouse's use of social media has gone beyond interacting with other users, exchanging messages, and sharing views and opinions.

Online divorce might not be as easy as promised

Times have changed, and the list of services available online is endless. However, in some cases, DIY is not necessarily easier or cheaper. For anyone in New Jersey who is thinking about navigating a divorce through an online service, it might be a good idea to first gain an understanding of the intricacies of the process and the pros and cons of going that route. It's important to consider these issues carefully because even an online divorce can have financial consequences.

Where to start when filing for divorce

Most people in New Jersey get married with the intention of being together forever. Sadly, that is not always the case, and having to deal with an unanticipated divorce can be a daunting prospect. Where does one start, and what are the necessary steps? One thing to keep in mind is that there are ways in which to limit the trauma of a divorce.

LGBTQ couples still face unique divorce issues

Although divorces of LGBT couples in New Jersey are mostly treated in the same way as those of heterosexual couples, there are some unique challenges. Even with changes to the language of divorce laws, some couples were together for decades before they were allowed to get married. If they file for divorce now, they have only been married for a few years in the eyes of the law, with potentially severe impacts on matters such as property division. It complicates the division of assets accumulated as a couple in the years prior to marriage.

Divorce is final -- work to make the best of it

Anyone in New Jersey who experiences marital problems might consider ending the marriage. However, divorce is final, and it might be wise to avoid rushing into such a drastic step. Sometimes, a marriage can be saved by dealing with underlying issues that could repair relationships. However, if both parties agree that divorce is the only option, they might as well work together to make the best of a process that is known to be traumatic.

Dealing with yours, mine and ours in same-sex divorce

Since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in 2015, same-sex marriages are constitutionally protected nationwide, including New Jersey. Just like many heterosexual marriages, many married partners of the same sex will end up seeking a divorce. However, same-sex divorce laws are still evolving, and many gray areas leave divorcing couples seeking answers.

Beware of social media if you are in the throes of divorce

For many years, people in New Jersey and elsewhere kept private diaries in which they recorded their daily activities, their dreams and even to vent their anger and frustrations. Reading another person's diary was just not acceptable. Social media has replaced journals, and in contrast, the new goal is to share every thought and activity with the world. Once it is posted, it cannot be undone regardless of whether it was on Facebook or any other platform. However, those in the throes of divorce might be wise to restrain themselves and steer clear of social media for a while.

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