Child Support, Custody And Parenting Time

Photo of attorney Melinda L. Singer

Coordinating a parenting plan is often the most emotionally challenging aspect of every divorce. When your child is involved, you want to do what is best for their interests, while also protecting your rights as a parent. I am Melinda L. Singer, Esquire, and as a Board-Certified matrimonial law attorney, I dedicate my time and continuing education to helping families across New Jersey find peace in these challenging family law matters.

My law firm has worked on behalf of a variety of clients in heated child custody battles, including high-profile individuals. As a court appointed family law mediator, I first seek to resolve these sensitive issues amicably. But should the case move to litigation, you need a disciplined, resourceful and seasoned attorney who integrally understands child support, parenting time and custody to protect your parental rights. That is why I approach every case with the highest level of detail and compassion, working toward the best outcome possible for your case.

Looking Out For Your Child’s Best Interests

Family law matters in New Jersey involving children always take into account the child’s best interests. When determining custody, you need to show that your presence in your child’s life only helps your child to grow and prosper. Whether the solution involves joint custody or parenting time and parenting time rights, I always strive to balance your child’s best interests and your rights as their parent, either mother or father.

I work with a wide network of experts to help build your case, from psychologists, psychiatrists, educational experts, parent coordinators, mediators and accountants to private detectives and forensic experts. With so much on the line, these experts can be invaluable in the fight for custody for your child.

I Understand What Is At Stake For You And Your Family

As someone who has been on both sides of the desk in a divorce, I understand the emotional turmoil your family is going through. While many lawyers provide reliable legal counsel, I strive to walk you through the emotional and financial challenges as well. Together, we can jointly work together to find intelligent solutions that protect you and your family, and you can move past this difficult time.

You deserve the best. To get started on your case, call my Hackensack office at 201-870-0826, or contact me online. If you choose to retain me after our consultation, the cost of your consultation is built into the retainer.