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Here is a sample of what clients have to say about Melinda’s representation. Please note that results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

I highly recommend Melinda Singer. Having spoken to several other lawyers at the beginning of my divorce process, I immediately recognized Melinda as the attorney for me. She listened and understood exactly what I wanted the outcome of the divorce to be. She filled me with confidence right from the start. Melinda is honest and direct, as well as warm and sympathetic. I appreciate her down to earth style. Because she specializes in family law, she is well-versed in matrimonial law, she knows exactly how to proceed with a divorce, how to deal with the court requirements, what to expect and she is quick to act. I emphasize this because most other lawyers I spoke to, without her specialty in matrimonial law, were a bit wobbly in their explanations of what to expect and how to approach my situation because they did not handle divorces very often. Melinda filled me with confidence every time I spoke to her. AND, her paralegal assistant, Crystal, is amazing: knowledgeable, very responsive and efficient, and so helpful. They make an excellent team, act quickly and without a lot of back and forth which I really appreciated. I highly recommend Melinda Singer.

Paula D.

Melinda Singer literally taught the class on family law/divorce law. Not only was she professional, experienced and knowledgeable, but she is a compassionate, understanding attorney also there to help her client navigate the waters during a difficult time. Assertive without being too aggressive. Conciliatory without being too passive. Ambitious without being too unrealistic. If you want an attorney who looks at it like people’s lives and not just case files, then choose Melinda Singer as your lawyer.

Eric F.

Melinda Singer represented me after my divorce to assist me in emancipating my then 22 year old daughter. I should have had her handle my divorce. Maybe then I would not have gotten such a lousy deal. My daughter had finished school and was emotionally unstable as well as abusing drugs. Melinda told me what I could possibly be up against but at the same time was confident she would be emancipated to some extent. Ms. Singer was always well prepared, her Certifications and briefs were extremely well written and her citing of case law is on point. She truly is the law. She is always taking notes, when her client, judge, opposing counsel and their client speaks. This truly impressed me, she did not miss a beat. She wants to be sure she has every detail and exactly who said what and when. On top of her case with passion and commitment. At first I found her to be costly, but I soon came to realize she is worth every penny and more. Melinda Singer won my case and my daughter was declared emancipated. I was no longer legally responsible. I would recommend Ms. Singer in a heartbeat as she definitely tells you the pros, and cons. She pulls no punches. I will make use of her services again upon retirement. Class, Knowledge and Honesty all in one. If you want someone who is going to be straight forward with you and tell you the truth and not what you want to hear, Melinda is your attorney. Thank you Melinda.

Rick N.

I have known Melinda for over 2 years now both professionally and personally. I knew of her through her paralegal, Crystal, whom I worked with years prior to Crystal working with Melinda. When I initially was filing for divorce, Crystal reached out to me to recommend Melinda, I already had an attorney. Big mistake not going with Melinda. Frankly Melinda would have done right instead I went with someone a little too laid back. I then recommended her to my friend for his issues with his ex and daughter. She succeeded in that battle. I then had to hire her for a complaint filed against me by my own daughter and subsequently to represent my granddaughter’s dad in an ongoing parenting case. There is not enough I can say about Melinda as a friend and an attorney. I immediately liked her, as she did not fill my head with promises, and instead she went by the law and made me aware of both sides of the coin. She is on point, classy, well-spoken, and a plethora of knowledge and experience. She is HONEST and tells you how it is. I myself have learned a lot about the law and the rights of a parent/grandparent through constant communication. She is extremely driven by the law unlike other attorneys I have encountered along this legal journey. Melinda KNOWS her law and it is evident in her briefs she presents to the courts and during the representation of her client. My favorite thing in this legal battle is her Certifications and briefs. I loved reading them as she is so knowledgeable and her response to her opposing counsel was always conducted in an extremely professional manner. She follows the rules of professional conduct. It is extremely evident Melinda Singer is highly educated and continues her legal education and achievements to this day. Melinda sets out to achieve the best for her client and she succeeds at what she does. All I can say is if you want someone who is going to be 100% honest with you, law abiding and passionate it is Melinda Singer. Classy, Honest, well-spoken and a fighter for your rights. I also pull no punches. I tell you like it is. Melinda Singer is an excellent attorney and I am so glad to have her handle my legal issues. Melinda Singer loves her job and it shows when she handles your case. Thank You Crystal and Thank you Melinda, You are the best!!!!!

Debbie R.

Melinda Singer is not just a top notch attorney (the best of the best) but a highly ethical person completely devoted to her profession. My family came to know her at an extremely difficult time, having gone through two previous attorneys on behalf of my son’s brutal divorce. Needless to say I was amazed at her experience, straightforwardness, her knowledge of the court workings, and most of all how quickly she was able to bring a dire situation to a favorable close. One could find no better lawyer in New Jersey than Melinda Singer.

Robert L.

Melinda Singer is an excellent divorce lawyer that represented me in a child custody and domestic violence court case. Upon representation of this highly emotional, life changing court case, Melinda was knowledgeable and superior in proving forth the truth of what our family was forced to live through, under high intense circumstance involving Police Departments, the New Jersey Department of Child Protection and Permanency and the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, and Child Support. With her elite experience and education of the theoretical and practical implementations of the law, Melinda brought forth justice for me and my children and sanctions to my ex; who was found guilty of domestic abuse after multiple court hearings. In doing so, Melinda brought forth peace to me and my family for delivering the truth to the New Jersey Superior Courts and in doing so, I created a family life of peace and harmony as a single mother. I highly recommend Melinda Singer as a divorce lawyer to people who seek justice in their lives.

Sharon K.

I hired Melinda post-divorce and after my ex-wife and I had both re-married. Alimony was to stop and child support adjusted. I wish I had been able to hire Melinda for the original divorce. We had to basically re-do the original mediated divorce agreement. Melinda was straightforward and told me what changes I should expect and how they would work. It wasn’t easy, but she was thorough and professional which helped ease the uneasiness! I also hired Melinda a second time to adjust child support. All went as smoothly as can be expected in a highly charged situation. I would recommend Melinda without hesitation. She is an excellent negotiator and passionate about her work!

Kevin I.

Melinda Singer represented me during my divorce case. She was diligent and extremely helpful in this matter. In a difficult time, she was able to maintain composure and conclude the case in a timely matter. Without her help and expertise, I would not be where I am today. Overall, I would highly recommend Melinda Singer as a professional and respectable lawyer.

Debbie C.

I would not hesitate to refer Melinda; she is caring, passionate, supportive and most of all she listens and has a full understanding of the law. Her advice is sound and truthful. There was never any doubt that she always had my best interests at heart. Melinda is a brilliant and skillful attorney who cares about each and every client on an individual basis. Simply put, she’s the best!

Paula R.

The question is what would I say about Melinda Singer and her staff? Would I recommend her to another person going through a divorce? The answer is unequivocally yes and I have many times over! In fact she handled my sister’s divorce so she was recommended to me. Melinda was always there with sensible advice for my pending situation and for the future. Your divorce document is a forever document, so, have it done correctly and put emotions aside. Melinda and her staff explain in detail what to expect so you’re prepared. She and her staff are your psychologist, your adviser and your friend during the process. Most of all they are rational, fair, caring and incredibly supportive. Your divorce is just the beginning. Melinda and her staff are there to stand beside you as you move forward. They gave me the freedom to move on with my life. I thank Melinda and Crystal from the bottom of heart and know that their advice is truthful and honest.

Lisa T.

Thank you Melinda for all that you did to get me through a very difficult time in my life – divorcing after 32 years of marriage. At no point was this an easy process and at times seemed endless. I appreciate all that you did for me during this time not only through your legal expertise, but also for the emotional support during this ordeal. Also, through your recommendation, I was able to acquire a very experienced accounting team who worked in conjunction with you and ultimately allowed us to reach a successful settlement. Life post-divorce has been good, and moving forward has been very positive for me. Thanks for all of your help in getting me where I am today.

Carol M.

I’ve often heard it said you don’t know the strength of your agreement until the day you need it. When that day comes and that document is tested, will the document you signed, most likely when you had a knot in your stomach and tears on your cheeks, protect you in the days ahead? That is when you truly know the value of your attorney. Yes, Melinda was thorough, knowledgeable, professional, responsive, and timely in all aspects of my Settlement Agreement and Divorce. More importantly, she protected my interests even when pain blinded my decision making. Therein lies her greatest strength. No matter how I felt at the time, she knew one day I would be glad I made the tough choices. Melinda’s knowledge of the law; her understanding of human behavior; and her ability to see into a better future is why she is worth every dime.

Elaine L.