Divorces Involving Family Businesses

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Divorces involving family businesses are among the most legally complex. It is considered an asset, yet cannot always be easily divided. Perhaps you and your spouse both have worked hard to help your business flourish, or it was only one person’s dream and the other wants to keep it from them.

Regardless, a family-run business can be a huge portion of a marital estate, and it is crucial to handle it as such by finding an attorney with the legal skill necessary to successfully help allocate it.

Protect Your Business With An Attorney Who Understands

My name is Melinda L. Singer, Esquire I have a unique level of skill and understanding regarding family law in New Jersey, because I am one of only a handful of Board-Certified family law attorneys in the state. There are tens of thousands of lawyers who work in family law, and fewer than 2 percent become Board-Certified through education, skill and experience.

This makes me the perfect choice to handle your divorce involving the added complexity of a business. Difficulties can arise in a number of ways:

  • You and your spouse may not agree on the value of the business. Often, a divorcing couple will use the services of a forensic accountant to outline what a business is worth. But what if you disagree?
  • Your business runs mostly on cash. This is a singular situation under the law. If you or your spouse run a cash business, it may be used as leverage in the case.
  • Division of the business. If you both are extremely committed to the business and would like to consider running it together or splitting it up, it will need to be carefully arranged.

This is all complex enough. However, the emotional nature of divorce can make all these difficult decisions even harder. Both through my legal experience and through my own personal divorce experience, I have seen that best way through the process is cooperating as much as possible. I am trained in collaborative law and have also worked as a mediator in some family law cases. I also have access to excellent forensic accountants who can help to analyze these issues, and if need be, help to resolve them.

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