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Making The Right Decision Can Still Be Hard

No matter your familial needs, facing a divorce is overwhelming. If you have little familiarity with the legal system, the amount of paperwork to do and decisions to make can be daunting. Additionally, the emotional aspect can make the whole process feel impossible.

I am attorney Melinda L. Singer, Esquire, and I know all this not only through my professional experience as a family law attorney, but also because I have been through a divorce of my own. Now, I devote my practice to helping people facing family disputes.

I often receive questions from potential clients regarding their situations. Many have answers specific to that individual, but there are some FAQ that I receive over and over, and I am pleased to provide the answers to those questions below.

What is a Non-Dissolution proceeding notice, and do I need a lawyer if I get one?

Divorce is also known as dissolution of marriage. A Non-Dissolution proceeding is for unmarried people. It relates to parenting time, child or spousal support, modifications or other types of family law matters outside of divorce.

You absolutely do need a lawyer if you receive such a notice. These proceedings can have a huge impact on you and your family, and you need to ensure that you are being protected by an experienced attorney.

Do I have to share parenting time with my ex if we were never married?

The answer is, it depends. The Court will determine what is in the best interests of the child. They will also review how the parties get along or don’t. The child’s happiness, safety, physical and emotional welfare is analyzed.

Can I force my spouse to let us get divorced?

One of the emotional aspects of divorce that can be difficult is that the spouse filing for divorce often is more emotionally prepared for the relationship to end and the other might try to resist. I understand that component. The short answer is that if one person files for divorce and the other doesn’t want it, ultimately there will be a divorce. The remaining question is how long it will take, and will that spouse “litigate through anger” and use daily tactics to make the divorce extremely difficult? I have had hundreds of cases like that, and know how to implement certain measures to help the case move along.

Speak With A Board-Certified Family Law Attorney

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