Alimony And Cohabitation

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One common question of people who pay or receive spousal support regards the impact that a new relationship may have on the spousal support order. Is someone still eligible to receive alimony if they are in a new relationship? Alimony and cohabitation are major concerns. What if they are simply dating someone? What if they are living with that person? What if they are remarried?

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My name is Melinda L. Singer, Esquire I am one of New Jersey’s relatively few Board-Certified matrimonial law attorneys. In order to be Certified, I am responsible for certain levels of education, training and experience, which makes me uniquely well-equipped to take on any family law case, no matter how complex.

The law regarding alimony and cohabitation is extremely complex. The Court will analyze the details concerning the supposed “cohabitation” and the proofs that evidence the claim. The Court will analyze the quality and fabric of the new relationship analyzing its financial impact.

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