Why do you need alimony?

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After you get your divorce, you may be feeling so relieved that this stressful period in your life is over that it can be tempting not to think too much about what happens next, at least regarding legal matters. Finally, you can begin to move on. However, financial difficulties can make it difficult to rebuild your life. You and other New Jersey residents should understand why alimony exists, and how it might help you after your divorce.

Alimony, or spousal support, is a payment ordered by the court to support the spouse who earned less or did not work during the marriage, according to Forbes. If you were like many spouses during the course of your marriage, you might have stayed home to raise children and take care of the house, while your spouse worked. You might have emotionally supported your spouse during his or her college education and building his or her career, giving up your opportunities for a career and high earning potential.

Now that you are on your own, your years of taking care of your family may have resulted in an inability to earn a living wage, not to mention enjoy the financial comfort and stability you did during your marriage. Your spouse, meanwhile, is still earning enough to support your family, and will also make enough money to eventually replace the assets he or she lost during the property division.

As you can see, alimony may be a way to help you get back on your feet while you update your job skills. It is important to understand that this information is not meant to replace the advice of a lawyer.

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