Unsure if you want a divorce? Consider legal separation

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One of the most difficult decisions you might make in your life is whether or not to get a divorce. You might be unhappy in your marriage, but still love your spouse. Financial or parenting reasons might be other factors keeping you from filing for a divorce. Whatever the reason, you and other New Jersey residents might not feel as if a divorce is the best move for now. At the law office of Melinda L. Singer, Esquire, we understand your feelings. You might decide a legal separation is a better option.

According to Forbes, legal separation might offer you numerous benefits while you decide if you want to move on with a divorce. This is also known as a trial separation, especially if you and your spouse are “testing the waters” to see if you are better off without each other. Filing for a legal separation can allow you and your spouse to work out co-parenting schedules and child support without the pressure of rushing for a divorce. During your trial separation, you and your spouse might get marriage counseling to decide if your marriage can be saved. It can also give you some time on your own to work things out emotionally.

Why else might you choose a legal separation over a divorce? Even if you decide not to live together, there are numerous tax benefits to being legally married. You might also be able to remain on your spouse’s health insurance plan by being legally separated, instead of divorced.

Legal separation and divorce are weighty decisions, and it can help to understand the benefits and drawbacks to each. Our family law page explains more.

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