Can alimony change?

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When you get a divorce in New Jersey, you may think that the amount of alimony you receive cannot be changed once it is determined by a court. However, there are several ways that your alimony might be altered.

Your circumstances can often affect your alimony. According to, you may sometimes receive an increased amount if you have a financial emergency. This includes situations when you might have unexpected medical bills or a loss of income. Additionally, a disability can affect your financial support. You may ask to receive more money if you are unable to support yourself. In both of these situations, your alimony might be decreased if your ex-spouse is the one who experiences a financial emergency or disability.

Alimony can also change when your cost of living rises. In some situations you might ask if your alimony can be modified to help you keep up with your increased expenses. Similarly, if your cost of living decreases because you move in with a new boyfriend or girlfriend, you may receive less financial support. Additionally, a change in your income or your ex-spouse’s income can affect alimony. While some alimony modifications are permanent, others may be temporary. Your financial support may be reduced for a short time if your ex-spouse is between jobs or unexpectedly becomes ill.

Sometimes your divorce decree might include clauses about alimony modification. An escalator clause allows you to receive more financial support whenever your ex-spouse is given a raise. Additionally, alimony can increase as your cost of living rises when you include a cost of living adjustment clause.

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