How can I protect myself financially in a second marriage?

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The ability to find a new love after the dissolution of a previous marriage is something that can be a great joy to New Jersey residents. The prospects of a brighter future with a new partner, however, should not allow you to ignore some practicalities before you make the final decision to get married again. Regardless of how wonderful your new partner is, the fact of the matter remains that second marriages can be far more financially complicated than first marriages especially if there are children involved.

Yahoo Finance points out that a prenuptial agreement may be one of a remarrying spouse’s best friends so long as it is prepared properly. Many things can be put into these marital agreements that may help to prevent unpleasant surprises or disputes down the road. Imagine that your spouse has a child who is in high school and preparing for college. Deciding before you get married about how that college education will be funded is important. So too is documenting that decision in a prenup.

Protecting family heirlooms and other assets for after you die can also be done via a prenuptial agreement. This allows the contract to be part of your estate planning so you and your kids know that special items will remain with them per your wishes. 

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to let New Jersey residents who are contemplating getting married after being divorced some ideas as to how a prenuptial agreement may benefit them and their children.

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