Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan’s child custody terms

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There is no shortage of media reports about the divorce of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. Some people in New Jersey might have questions about the meaning of the terms used concerning the child custody arrangements of these celebrities. The terms “co-parenting counseling” and “custody schedule” might be familiar, but what does “image, name and likeness” mean?

When parents, married or unmarried, end their relationship, a plan must be devised to establish a parenting plan. This will determine when and where the child will be in the care of each parent. Parents whose relationships end amicably typically find it easier to agree on parenting arrangements, and they are usually more flexible to accommodate the changing circumstances of both parents and their children.

When the divorce or relationship ending is contentious, and parents cannot agree on a custody schedule, it becomes the court’s responsibility. Some couples choose to go for co-parenting counseling, or, the court might order them to do so. A co-parenting counselor’s task is not to provide legal advice, but merely to facilitate communication and guide the parents toward an agreement.

Providing legal advice and support about child custody and other divorce-related issues will be the task of an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney. The lawyer can also assist with protecting the name, image and likeness of the child of celebrities. It is not uncommon for the media and others to want to profit from using the child’s name, image and likeness in social media, advertising or other situations. For the child’s protection, the court could order that the child must be kept out of the press and internet, and that both parents must agree before  any arrangements are made that involve the child’s participation in for-profit situations.

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