Why is gray divorce rising?

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Have you heard that gray divorce rates are rising? It’s true. For most age groups, divorce rates are falling, but those over 50 are splitting up more and more often. This is an interesting phenomenon, and many have asked why it is happening.

One potential reason is simply that life expectancy is higher than it used to be. Couples have more years together than they used to, and that may not always be a positive thing. They may also have different visions for what those later years in life should look like.

Another possible reason for the rise in gray divorce is that marriage expectations used to be lower. Those getting married may just have been looking for someone who could help them in a practical sense, even if that wasn’t that romantic. Now they want that romance, and they want it to last. Couples that don’t have it are often more likely to split up.

Raising children can also be an issue, but not just because of the challenges it provides. In many cases, couples get ultra-focused on being parents. The children come first for two decades. Then they grow up and go to college. Suddenly, these couples in their quiet houses realize that they haven’t really been happy being married for a long time. They just didn’t know it because they stopped focusing on one another and started focusing on the children.

Divorce happens for a lot of reasons and it can happen at any age. If you decide to get divorced, just take the time to look into the legal steps you need to take by talking to an experienced family law attorney,.

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