Tips for keeping both parents in the loop about education

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Education is one area in which parents might not always see eye-to-eye. It’s sometimes possible that one parent will take more interest in the schooling of the children than the other. Because children want to know that they can count on both parents, it’s often best if the adults share any educational information about the kids. 

Keeping both parents in the know about schooling requires communication. This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Sending copies of important papers and sharing the dates of school functions might suffice. This might be done via an electronic communication option, such as texting, emailing or using a parenting app. 

Parents should also discuss the child’s schedule with each other. If both parents will have the children on school nights, working together to keep the nighttime routine consistent might be helpful. This might include a time when electronics and lights are turned off so the child can try to go to sleep. 

It’s also important to set contingency plans. Some points to consider include:

  • Who will pick up the child if they have to leave school?
  • What will happen during school breaks and days off school?
  • What’s the plan if the school has to unexpectedly close or switch to e-learning?
  • Who can care for the child if they’re sick and have to miss school?

The more you and your ex work together now, the easier you might find it to handle things as they come up during this school year. If you can’t come up with mutually agreeable answers to these issues, discussing the situation with your attorney can help you to find out the options. Your attorney can then assist you with getting things settled. 

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