A perhaps unpopular viewpoint focused on women receiving alimony

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We live in a modern world with more women from all walks of life longing for gender equality. As contemporary and informed American citizens, we support this point of view and have a strong belief in promoting gender equality.

Some people believe women receiving alimony harms the case for gender equality. Our attorneys have a different outlook on this critical issue. We believe that in many divorces, spousal support is necessary for getting back on one’s financial feet, and in some cases, for survival post-divorce.

Spousal support is gender-neutral!

Either party can petition for spousal support during a divorce. More and more men are asking for such assistance — and they are getting it. Alimony is gender-neutral and available for those in need, whether they are male or female.

What is the purpose of alimony?

Spousal support exists in the modern world to help a divorced person improve their financial stability. Recipients often use this money to go back to school, acquire specialized training or simply survive until they can support themselves alone.

Family courts in Hackensack and other U.S. locations no longer blithely hand out spousal support. Instead, they investigate the financial details of each case and determine if a need for alimony exists. If it does, courts award only as much support as necessary for as short a duration as possible.

Our family law attorneys do not want to see anyone, male or female, pass on spousal support when they need financial security. If you are a woman concerned about gender equality, we urge you to approach your situation realistically before ruling out spousal support. If you are a man who cannot make ends meet post-divorce, we also encourage you to consider spousal support.

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