How can you plan custody for the summer vacations?

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When you think about how you will divide custody of your children, it is crucial to remember that not all weeks of the year are the same.

Your children will operate the same routine for most of the year, but summer break requires special consideration.

There are two main things to consider here: First, someone needs to look after your kids when they are off school. Second, you each might want to go away with your kids. Handling those things will require forethought and flexibility from both of you.

How will your kids spend their days?

Things will be easier if you work from home because you do not need to pay for childcare throughout the summer. Yet, as many parents found during the last couple of years, working at home can be much more challenging when the kids are there. In part, it depends on their age. Teenagers may be happy to amuse themselves, but younger kids may demand your attention, regardless of whether you have deadlines to meet or are in an online meeting.

It may make sense to alter your usual custody arrangements if it is easier for one of you to have the kids at home during the holidays.

What if you want to go away?

If you can each take the children away during the summer, you relieve the overall burden. While one parent is away, the other gets a chance to catch up on anything they fell behind on due to the kids being off school.

Coordinate your plans before you book anything, and check what your custody agreement says about permission to travel.

If you are about to tackle child custody negotiations in your divorce or have issues with your current agreement, it is crucial to understand your rights and options.

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