Can you tell if you are headed for divorce?

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Divorce is challenging, but not expecting it can make the process more difficult. Every marriage, including yours, may have several issues that can be solved. However, some may be irreconcilable, and your spouse may want to dissolve the marriage. But can you identify when this happens?

Here are four signs that may inform you of an oncoming divorce.

Lack of conflicts

As contrary as it sounds, conflict can be normal in marriage, provided they are valid and solved healthily. You and your spouse were raised with different values and belief systems, which are bound to clash, leading to a fight.

When your spouse brings up an issue, it may mean they care and would like to understand why you act that way. Thus, you should be concerned when they stop doing this. This may mean they are emotionally distancing from you and don’t see a reason to address issues.

Too many fights

While disagreements can happen in a marriage, they should not be frequent. Too many fights that take the peace away from your home may indicate a lack of happiness from one or both parties.


Patterns of disrespect may indicate you are headed for divorce. If your spouse disrespectfully speaks to you or does things to provoke you, or you are doing these, there may be an issue. The lack of respect in a marriage does not happen overnight. It bundles over time, and in some cases, it can be irreconcilable.

Lack of intimacy

The lack of affection, love and sex may be a telltale sign of a divorce. You should be concerned if your spouse doesn’t want to be intimate and keeps making excuses.

These signs can help you prepare for a divorce. You should seek legal guidance to know the correct steps to take.     

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