How to maintain a father-child relationship after divorce

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Child custody is a contentious issue in many divorce cases. While a child needs both parents for healthy development, some parents do everything possible to get full custody. So, what do you do, as a father, to maintain that precious parent-child relationship if you only receive visitation?

As a non-custodial parent, you may wonder how you can remain a significant part of your child’s life. Below are a few ways you can preserve and enhance the bond with your child:

Stick to the parenting schedule

Ensure you use every second of your parenting schedule. Kids thrive on consistency, and failing to exercise your parental rights may tell your children that they are unimportant. 

Build trust with your child

Building trust with your child may be difficult, especially after a custody battle. However, you can start small. For example, you can ask them about their likes and dislikes. This will give you a glimpse into their world, and you can use this knowledge to engage with them. 

Use electronic tools

Keeping in touch with your child after divorce may be difficult as they may have other priorities. However, you can utilize technology to your advantage and keep in touch with them through social media and other electronic tools, including virtual visitation.

Focus on the relationship, not gifts

Instead of getting them gifts, try and work on improving your relationship. This will allow you and your child to have an actual relationship. You can improve your relationship with your child by being there for them. For example, if they are involved in a sport, make it a priority to be there for them.

Asserting yourself as a caring and passionate parent will help your relationship with your child to flourish. However, if you and your child want to spend more time together, you may seek legal assistance to help you adjust your current parenting plan. 


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