Why divorce is a team affair

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Ending a relationship with someone you have been married to can feel lonely. Yet, it needn’t be. Divorce can turn out to be one of those events that helps you realize how much support you have. You likely have friends, family, colleagues and more willing to offer you a hand at this difficult time.

Calling on others for support is the best way to get through your divorce in a condition that allows you to make the important upcoming decisions correctly. Here are some things you can ask people for help with:

Covering for you

You will need to spend time recharging, thinking, attending meetings about your divorce and more. Yet your regular duties won’t suddenly stop. You likely have a job or a business to run. You may also have children to raise and perhaps voluntary commitments such as being on a committee or coaching a sport.

You cannot do everything at once so you may need to ask others to cover some of these activities for you. You might ask your Mom to help out with the kids a bit more. You could ask your friend to take over your Tuesday night coaching sessions or ask your boss to lessen your workload until the divorce is over.

Someone to listen and offer advice

Divorce is an emotional matter and having someone to listen to you can help you ease some of the weight you are likely feeling. Friends and family might suffice or perhaps you want a qualified therapist. 

Divorce is also a legal matter so you need someone who can listen to discover your priorities, guide you as to how the law works and advocate on your behalf. 

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