Domestic Violence

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Allegations of domestic violence are very serious at any time. If they happen during a divorce or custody case, they can be even worse: The outcome can severely limit your access to your children and your family.

If you are facing allegations like these, regardless of the truth, you need an attorney with the skill to take on your case successfully. My name is Melinda L. Singer, Esquire, and my experience makes me the perfect choice to help you.

I helped develop how the Court determines whether a counsel fee award can be awarded to a victim of domestic violence in a case entitled Wine v. Quezada, 379 N.J. Super 287 (Ch. Div. 2005).
The Act provides for an award of reasonable attorneys fees as compensatory damages to victims. Compensatory damages are intended to make the victim whole. The Court reasoned as long as the damages are the result of domestic violence an award can be warranted. The Court ruled that the parties financial circumstances had no relevance.

I have taught Domestic Violence Law for the Bergen County Bar Association Continuing Legal Education. I participated as a lawyer for Alternatives to Domestic Violence, affording legal representation. My practice was heavily involved in representing litigants in Domestic Violence cases.

I also have an extensive Criminal Law background, formerly serving as Public Defender of the Borough of Fort Lee for three years.

I therefore have a unique understanding of the seventeen different criminal acts involved in a Domestic Violence case. I also have extensive Trial experience in Family Law and Criminal Law matters.

I also understand how to get, if needed, a Consent Order with Civil Restraints if the case calls for it.

I understand the consequences of Domestic Violence, and have been published as to counsel fees regarding same.

An Advocate With A Unique Level Of Skill

Fewer than 2 percent of family law attorneys in New Jersey qualify to be called “Board-Certified.” It requires certain levels of education, training and skill. I also have a background in criminal defense: I have taught domestic violence law and have past professional experience as a public defender.

This experience makes me uniquely prepared to take on any case. I work to analyze first and foremost whether or not the law was actually violated. I am also well-versed in alternatives to court. I am a court-approved economic mediator in domestic violence in certain counties.

If court is necessary, you need an attorney who is comfortable both in municipal and family court, as allegations of domestic violence involve work in both.

Whether or not the allegations are true, it is important to take them seriously. I can help you approach the situation with the right level of preparation.

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