The connections between stress and divorce

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Stress and divorce are linked in a variety of ways.

For one, stress could potentially contribute to a couple getting divorced.

There are many things that can be sources of stress for a married couple. This includes work, a family business, finances and social matters.

Research suggests that stress from such things has the potential to be very impactful on a marriage. Past studies have connected stress to increased negative views of a relationship and the decision to divorce.

So, couples may want to take care to watch for how the stress in their lives might be affecting their relationship. Identifying such things early could help couples find ways to address the stress and its sources before it has the chance to damage the relationship.

While stress could put a couple on the path to divorce, a divorce can sometimes lead to stress. Divorce touches on very emotional issues and can involve complex processes. Also, what happens in a divorce can have major long-terms impacts on a person. These aspects of divorce could lead to a person feeling rather stressed.

It is critical to note though that there are various things divorcing individuals may find helpful in keeping the stress of a divorce down. This includes:

  • Staying informed on the key issues in their divorce (uncertainty and confusion can be stressful)
  • Avoiding unnecessary conflict
  • Having strong support, both on the emotional front and the legal front
  • Thinking about what stress relief tactics would work best for them and using these tactics during the divorce

What sorts of stress relief tactics would you recommend for people going through a divorce?

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