Tips to ease transition days for children

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One of the most challenging things for children who have divorced parents is learning to live between two homes. This can entail having to learn two sets of house rules and remembering what’s expected at both.

For some children, the day when they switch parents, which is known as transition day, is stressful. As a parent, it’s up to you to make it as stress-free as possible.

Minimize what has to be packed

Having to pack a bag when they switch houses may be hard for children. Instead of making them pack everything they’ll need, each parent should buy items for their own home. These include necessities like socks, underwear, toiletries and any other items possible. Once you do this, the children can focus on only having to pack what they want to travel with.

Drop the children off

Have the parent who currently has the child drop them off for their time with the other parent. This gives them the trip to the other home to relax and prepare for the time with the other parent. When the child has to sit around and wait for a parent to pick them up, they don’t have the adjustment time.

Shelve contentious conversations

You and your ex should never discuss any contentious topics during the transition. These days are specifically meant to let the children go from one parent to the other. If you and your ex have important matters to discuss, do it away from the transition time.

The terms for everything related to co-parenting, including transition days, should be included in the parenting plan. Reviewing this may help you determine what should happen on often-busy days.

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