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Child support obligations of the unmarried father

Fathers in New Jersey who are not married to the mothers of their children might not realize that the law expects them to pay child support. There are exceptions, but a father typically has an obligation to provide financial assistance to the mother of his child. This is not linked to child custody and alimony, and although the courts prefer to see fathers sharing custody, it is not a legal obligation. Proof of paternity or being named as the father on the birth certificate could be enough to enforce child support payments.

That old prenup could hold up in New Jersey

Maybe it wasn’t pleasant and took some delicate maneuvering, but the two of you signed that old prenup back before you were married. Maybe it feels like a very long time ago or you two weren’t even living in New Jersey back then. Is that contract going to hold up here and now?

Prenups can take the sting out of division of assets in divorce

There is an expression that says criminal court brings out the best in bad people, and divorce court brings out the worst in good people. Divorces are typically challenging and traumatizing, but prenups can ease the process. Although many people in New Jersey might believe that prenuptial agreements are only for the rich and famous, these marital contracts can simplify the division of assets in the divorces of the rest of the community. While prenups require full disclosure of debts and assets, they can also address additional matters.

Remarrying after division of assets in a previous marriage?

Anyone in New Jersey who is considering a second or subsequent wedding after a divorce will likely have many concerns. Most people expect the best from a subsequent marriage, but plan appropriately for the possibility of another divorce. It is crucial to avoid previous mistakes, especially those that only became evident during the division of assets in the divorce.

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