Beware of social media if you are in the throes of divorce

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For many years, people in New Jersey and elsewhere kept private diaries in which they recorded their daily activities, their dreams and even to vent their anger and frustrations. Reading another person’s diary was just not acceptable. Social media has replaced journals, and in contrast, the new goal is to share every thought and activity with the world. Once it is posted, it cannot be undone regardless of whether it was on Facebook or any other platform. However, those in the throes of divorce might be wise to restrain themselves and steer clear of social media for a while.

Legal ramifications of social media posts could be self-incriminating, and lawyers have come to rely on these platforms to provide them with ammunition to use in the divorce court. Imagine their reaction to a request for modification of spousal or child support that is no longer affordable if the same person posted luxury vacation pictures. The danger of being tagged in the posts of others at a party is also real, and it could cause questions about that person’s fitness to be a parent.

It is not uncommon to say something in the heat of the moment and then retract the comment, but if it was done on Facebook or another form of social media, there is no take-back. A moment of indiscretion and venting of frustration can cause irreparable emotional harm to an ex as well as his or her children, family and friends, and ultimately, to him or herself. While it might be unthinkable not to share the entire divorce process with the world, it could prevent adverse legal and emotional consequences.

Seeking the confidentiality offered by an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney might be a more suitable route to follow. A lawyer can assess the unique circumstances of the client and provide sound advice. With such support and guidance, the divorce might be finalized soon, and the doors to social media can be reopened.

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