Online divorce might not be as easy as promised

Photo of attorney Melinda L. Singer

Times have changed, and the list of services available online is endless. However, in some cases, DIY is not necessarily easier or cheaper. For anyone in New Jersey who is thinking about navigating a divorce through an online service, it might be a good idea to first gain an understanding of the intricacies of the process and the pros and cons of going that route. It’s important to consider these issues carefully because even an online divorce can have financial consequences.

Sometimes, what starts as an uncontested divorce can become contentious down the road. While the online service might imply that it is merely a process of filling out the appropriate forms to file with the court, it is seldom that clear-cut. Issues typically arise when it comes to matters related to child custody, and in many cases, even pet custody is an issue. Also, if the spouses agree to share custody of the children, agreeing on which parent will have the children when could lead to arguments.

Any divorce is a traumatic experience, even if it is amicable, and navigating one without legal counsel can make it even more challenging. Dealing with the division of property and financial assets is never easy. Then there are the issues to address concerning credit cards, insurance policies, mortgages, retirement accounts and other potentially contentious matters. If all these matters are not properly addressed before choosing an online divorce, it could be more challenging than anticipated.

In contrast, having the support and guidance of an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney can simplify the process. Legal counsel can make sure that all the crucial issues are addressed before proceeding with the divorce filing. Along with the services of a lawyer, additional resources like financial and real estate advisers can provide invaluable support and make the divorce less painful.

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