3 Custody Issues That Can Pop Up In The Summer

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Summertime brings warmer weather and for co-parents, more complications. If your kids are out of school, you and your co-parent might need to put a little extra effort into your co-parenting plan. There are several common custody issues that may pop up in the summer when you and your kids are on a different schedule.

Anticipating and planning for these issues and making the right adjustments can make life easier for everyone in the family. Here are a few things you may want to consider when laying out your summer plans.

Child Care

Parents, both working and stay-at-home may need to make additional child care considerations for the summertime. If your kids are out of school you and your co-parent might have to tweak your parenting schedule or set up additional childcare for your kids, depending on your schedules, and your children’s needs. You may need to factor in day care, a nanny, summer camps or a combination of all three into your parenting plan and your schedule and your budget.

Summer Expenses

Many families need to factor in extra expenses in the summer. The childcare options mentioned above can add costs, in addition to lessons and other summer-specific activities you may want your children to participate in.

Deciding how to pay for or split up these costs is another important consideration. If you and your spouse have a child support arrangement, you may want to consult with your attorney how these expenses can be paid via your agreement. If not, you and your co-parent may need to discuss how to divide costs and who is going to pay for what.


Many families like to take vacations and other trips in the summer months, but this can be somewhat complex for co-parents. Creating boundaries and rules regarding travel is essential in amicable co-parenting. Your family may need to discuss dates, schedules, expenses, geography and other vacation-related boundaries and rules for the summer.


Between trips, summer camps and other activities, it’s also important to create a calendar or schedule of the various events occurring in the upcoming months. You and your co-parent should be on the same page for all events, including pick-ups, drop-offs and other transportation for the summer. Creating a shared calendar may help you coordinate and ensure your summer runs smoothly.

Co-parenting is complicated and throwing any variations into your schedule can cause more chaos. Planning ahead and communicating with your co-parent can help you and your family take advantage of the fun that comes with summer, without any roadblocks or conflict.

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