Can you mend an unhappy marriage?

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In the beginning, marriages usually go through something referred to as the “honeymoon period”. Throughout this stage, couples are usually intensely happy and free of major stress. Nonetheless, all marriages involve challenges and obstacles that have to be overcome. 

Perhaps you and/or your spouse are at a stage where you’re feeling unhappy. What can you do to try and mend the relationship? 

Identify the source of the problem 

A successful marriage is founded upon communication. You and your spouse should be able to compromise, communicate and work on problems together. The starting point of this is to hold an honest discussion and identify the root cause of the issue. Once you realize the scale of the issue, you’ll be better equipped to try and tackle it together. 

Find a compromise 

If the issue or issues appear to be solvable, then you and your spouse may be able to reach a compromise. As long as the issue between you isn’t a “deal-breaker” with no middle ground, you can work toward solutions that you both can accept.

You don’t have to stay together 

While marriage is a serious commitment and couples share vows, opinions on divorce have changed over the years. Social workers, psychologists and other medical professionals have made people aware of the dangers of staying in an unhappy or toxic relationship. Remember, no one can force you to stay in an unhappy marriage and the same goes for your spouse. Time apart is often the most healthy option. 

Whatever dilemma your marriage is facing, it will do you no harm to explore your options. Seek legal guidance to find out how to protect yourself should a divorce become inevitable. 

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