Divorce planning: 3 critical steps to take in advance

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Unless your spouse blindsides you with unexpected divorce papers, you probably have some time to plan your divorce. Not enough people take advantage of the period leading up to divorce to set up beneficial legal and economic protections.

Like many people, you may fervently believe your divorce will be relatively amicable and that you will not need to protect yourself. Unfortunately, friendly divorces are rare. A wiser approach is to create as many protections as possible to shield your interests through every stage of divorce.

Get an education

You have probably heard many stories about what divorce is like from those close to you. They may have some wise words to impart, but you still need facts. Learn about New Jersey property division, spousal support and child-related laws to enhance your protections.

Build a team

Going through a divorce alone could compromise your interests, especially if you have kids or complex assets. A well-chosen team to help with tax and financial planning as well as legal matters can offer support while preserving your rights.

Broach sensitive topics

Before the emotions of divorce increase acrimony between you and your spouse, consider discussing some of the issues you must address. If you can agree on these matters before or in the early stages of divorce, it could pave the way for smoother proceedings. It can also help prevent some of the more common divorce disputes like child custody and support.

Divorce is hard for everyone, but with proper planning and support, you can emerge from the experience prepared to face a future without your spouse.

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